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December 2021

2021 retrospective, december progress and a peek into 2022

Dear community,

we would like to wish you all a very happy new year 2022 and thank you for your support! We hope your year is starting as successfully as the launch of the James Webb telescope! This year will be an exciting one for us with the upcoming launch of Terraformers!

James Webb telescope takes off from Kourou in French Guyana on december 25th 2020. Photo from NasaHqPhoto.

2021 retrospective

2021 has been a busy year and the game has progressed a lot since last december. Looking back it’s always fascinating to see all the things we have done and what we thought at the time! Exactly one year ago, we were gearing up for the Steam Festival of February but eventually decided the game was not in a good enough state yet, so we decided to cancel and aim for the June Steam Festival instead. It was definitely the right choice as the feedback on the demo in June was positive and helped us improve and confirm the design for the prologue which we released in October. Your feedback on the prologue has been invaluable to improve the game and it’s been very motivating to see your high scores and ideas.

It’s always fun to see how much we have progressed in the past year.

December progress

To conclude 2021, this December we have implemented a slew of new features. We have improved the map generation logic with new unique landmarks. We added the possibility to have varying city layouts which now also include slots that provide unique bonuses. We also added the possibility of relocating cities and buildings as well as destroying buildings as it was requested a lot. We also added “space projects” which are major projects that can be done outside of Mars, for example redirecting an asteroid.. On the art side we made new leaders, buildings, and visual & UI polishing. And finally we patched the prologue to be as smooth as possible.

An in progress art piece from Tiago showing the livelihood of people in a Martian city.

A peek into 2022

All the stuff we did in December brings us very close to being feature complete. We are currently working on the overall game progression and implementing multiple starting scenarios as well as content unlocking as the game progresses. And after that, we will focus on implementing the ever growing list of content: buildings, space projects, leaders, leader skills, events and other things which our designer has been creating tirelessly. There is still a lot to do but it’s exciting to reach this stage where almost everything is in place. Now it’s about polishing, balancing and implementing all the already designed elements.

The concept for the new scenario selection screen.

With 2021 behind us, onward to 2022!

Stay tuned for more,

Terraf's dev team

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