Terraformers Game

Fact sheet

Developer: Asteroid Lab - international team based in Bern, Switzerland.

Release date: to be announced

Platforms: PC and mac

Press / Business contact: contact@terraformers-game.com

Twitter: twitter.com/terraf_game


Terraformers is a strategic simulation game with role playing elements about colonizing and Terraforming Mars. Take charge of settling humanity on Mars. Found colonies, make them thrive and lead exciting projects that make the planet more "Earth-like": a process called Terraforming which is simulated in a realistic manner. Will you start a volcano to heat the planet, or melt the ice in order to create vast seas? Be aware though, the Earth's factions financing your endeavors have a lot of expectations which might conflict with your colonies' needs. What will you do to colonize Mars?


Terraformers has been in development since March 2019.


"In Terraformers, playing and experimenting with Mars' atmosphere enables us to understand better what happens on Earth." - Claude Nicolier, Swiss astronaut


Early Trailer (Sept. 2019)


Swan 2 with terraformers logo.png
screenshot start popup.png
Swan 3 with terraformers logo.png
screenshot main colony screen.png
3 planets with terraformers logo.png
Swan 1 with terraformers logo.png
Foster with terraformers logo.png
Madiba with terraformers logo.png
Wakata with terraformers logo.png

About us

Asteroid Lab is a Swiss based independent game studio. It strives to make strategic but accessible games, that provide the player with insights in real-world topics.

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