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September 2019

New character art, Wallpapers

Hello fellow terraformers,

This month we worked on iterating the game design, taking into account the feedback we got at Gamescom and addressing some of the problems we had found ourselves. We are not ready to show the results just yet though.

Something we are able to show, is our new character art:

Alex and Yolanda Madiba

Alex is a pioneer and entrepreneur in the high tech farming field. He acquired great wealth and became a world expert on the subject. He just arrived on Mars with his daughter, dreaming of new horizons. His skills will be very useful in solving the ever growing challenge on how to feed the new waves of incoming colonists. Alex was born in Namibia, but lived his adult life in the United States where he happily married. A few years after the birth of Yolanda however, Alex became a widower. Now, after Mars has been populated for over 20 years, father and daughter agreed that now was the time to undertake this adventure.

Alex and Yolanda Madiba, ready to join the terraforming effort. Drawn by Alexandra Hodgson


We made a few desktop wallpapers, feel free to use them!

Wallpaper of Thomas Foster & Misha Wakata drawn by Alexandra Hodgson.

Wallpaper of the spaceship approaching Mars. Drawn by Swan Keller.

That's all for this month, thanks for reading and take care!

Séb, Jasper & Alexis

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