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October 2020

Partnership with Goblinz Studio

Hello everyone,

An early and short letter this month for an exciting announcement!

We are proud and excited to announce that we are partnering with French publisher Goblinz Studio!

The marketing expertise of Goblinz Studio will put Terraformers in front of more players, and their development experience will help us improve and finish the game. Goblinz Studio has published fantastic games with recent successes like As Far As The Eye and Legend of Keepers. Terraformers will fit their portfolio of strategy and roguelike games well. Check their website and Steam page to see what games they’ve published and made before!

As a result, Goblinz Studio will take over the sending of devlogs in the future, though we will still be writing most of the content. So instead of receiving them from this email address, you will be receiving them from contact@goblinzstudio.com.

This collaboration marks an important milestone for us. Thank you for supporting us so far. We are very excited for the times to come and can’t wait to share more of our game with you all.


Terraformers’ team

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