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July 2020

Steam page, Swiss Games Sale and Perseverance

Dear all,

We hope you are all doing well. This month we have some exciting news so we’ll jump straight into it!

Steam page opening

To celebrate the Swiss creativity during the national Swiss holiday, game developers all across the country came together to create a Swiss Games bundle and sales. And we are part of it! While Terraformers is not yet for sale, it is in the “coming soon” category.

For us this has been an opportunity to prepare and open up our steam page. to the public and start bringing a community together. Whether you are a passionate gamer, a tactical mastermind, an avid learner, an intrepid explorer, a space fan or anything, you are all welcome! And if you want to check our progress live and interact with us directly, join our brand new discord server. I guess this is a good time to ask you all to like and subscribe! Jokes aside, if you wishlist the game on steam it teaches the algorithm that this is an interesting project and it really helps us.

Development progress

On the development side, we are still working hard to bring up the new terraforming game design. So far we have implemented the "environment system" with UI popups to let you know what are the temperature, rain, atmosphere level and so on at every location of the game. You can interact with all these values on a global or local level.

On the design side, we are working on a revamp of the leaders and the exploration system. They will now have their personal abilities which allow them to do different kinds of things according to their specialization. The exploration will also be more interesting and logical.

On the art-side, we are working on multiple "discoveries" artworks to feed in the exploration design improvement. We are also polishing and expanding all other aspects of the game (sound design, UI, art-direction...)

Indie Arena at Gamescom

In two weeks there would have taken place Gamescom. Sadly the physical event was cancelled due to the coronavirus but it will take place online for the first time this year. And we are part of it. We will be at the Indie Arena online which will be open to the public. There you will be able to test a prototype of the game.

Perseverance rover

Thursday, as an ode to exploration, adventure, knowledge and a lot of values we stand for, the Perseverance rover took off for Mars. Perseverance, as is her sister Curiosity already on the red-planet, will study the atmosphere and environment of Mars to prepare for a future human settlement. When this day finally comes, hopefully the human explorers will retrieve these early heroes. You can already start looking for them in the game.

Mars settlers finally went to pick up Perseverance.

Until next month for the update, we wish you all a warm summer and perseverance in your endeavors.

Terraformers’ team

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