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January 2024

New Frontiers DLC Deep Dive

Dear Terraformers, we wish you a great 2024! And we hope the stars will align just right for you. And if they won’t, just visit them from January 25th, when the “New Frontiers” DLC arrives! In this devlog we’ll shine a light on that new DLC!

Explore and develop the solar system

On set turn intervals, you’ll receive a “space exploration” event, in which you can choose from 3 celestial bodies to explore. You can explore more celestial bodies by constructing observatories or by undertaking a space exploration mission with one of the new leaders.

After selecting the location you want to explore, you are taken to the new solar system screen, where you can see all the celestial bodies you have explored so far. You can also access this screen by zooming out from Mars.

To develop a celestial body, you must complete one of the new celestial development space projects and select a celestial body to develop it on. Some of these new projects have specific requirements or bonuses, for example, heating habitats that only work if the celestial body is located further from the sun than Mars is.

After you’ve completed a celestial development project, you can choose which celestial body you want to develop. Every celestial body has 3 stages, and each stage gives different bonuses back to Mars. These can be resources, passive effects or unique buildings.

Fulfill interplanetary resource shortages

Every settled celestial body has a certain resource that they can’t produce themselves. Therefore, when you export a certain amount of this resource more than you import, that celestial body develops by 1 level for free. In the example below, Io has a shortage of water, so if you export 60 more water than you import, it will gain 1 development level and, therefore, develop to its final stage.

New content

Every celestial body has a unique event that might happen once it is settled. We’re also adding an early, mid and late game leader, new buildings and space projects, and a new technology which all interact with the new gameplay systems. But we’re keeping these more of a secret in order not to spoil the in-game discovery!

Besides this, we’re adding a new longer scenario in which you must develop a certain amount of celestial bodies. What is different from the other scenarios is that you’ll have 5 extra turns to get the trophies. So be prepared for a slightly longer game!

We are very excited for this DLC, and we hope we gave you a better idea of what to expect from it!

Terraformers Team

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