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September 2022

Marine lifeforms, coastal city artworks & new leaders

Hello world (whichever one you’re on)! This devlog is the 2nd part about the upcoming ocean & leader themed update. In case you’ve missed it, the first part can be found on our previous post. So put on your wetsuit, and join us as we dive into the Martian oceans!

Marine lifeforms

The first thing we notice is that we’re not alone in this ocean. In the next update, you will be able to spread a new type of lifeform: marine lifeforms. Ranging from plankton, to coral reef and even whales, we’re adding 9 marine lifeforms to the game. Marine lifeforms come in the same 3 categories as land-based lifeforms: bacteria, plants and animals. However, where a land-lifeform requires that at least 1 location of the climate zone is land, the marine lifeform requires that at least 1 location in the climate zone is ocean.

Some of the new marine lifeforms.

Coastal cities

As we start running out of oxygen, we leave the wonders of the Martian ocean and make for the surface. We’re adding that a city background will update if it is located next to an ocean. The ocean provides new opportunities as well: we’re adding 12 ocean related projects in the upcoming update. Gather your resources to construct seaweed farms, oceanic laboratories, water barrages and even, after a bit of terraforming, Martian beach clubs!

Work in progress city location location when near an ocean.

New leaders

We go inside a local bar to warm ourselves, and see on the news that elections are taking place. Leaders we’ve not seen before are running various political campaigns. The plans of seafaring leader Ayokunle Ndiaye directly appeal to us, as he orates about even vaster oceans and a network of connected docks and harbors. Let’s hope he will do as well as his 2 predecessors, Beatrix and Jan, who greatly helped Martian healthcare and dike construction move forward.

One of the new upcoming leaders.

Our adventure in and around the Martian oceans comes to a close for now (we’ve got a game to develop!). There is no exact release date yet for the next update, but that should be announced within a few weeks on our Discord server. See you in the Martian oceans!

Terraformers’ Team

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