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December 2022

Weekly challenge & multiple save slots

Dear all, as we have wrapped up one year and are preparing for a new one in our little lab located inside a flying asteroid, we have some exciting new features to announce!

Weekly Challenge

After the addition of the final scenario in the most recent update, we are looking into other ways of providing regular unique challenges. For this, we will include a new game mode: The Weekly Challenge!

The weekly challenge will be generated at the start of every week. It can be played in 5 different difficulty levels, which will determine the expectations & damage severity. It will pick a random victory condition from one of the victory conditions present in the scenarios. Also, there will be 3 modifiers that might alter your gameplay strategy. The modifiers are randomly picked from a list, and the combination of modifiers will be different every week. Some modifiers are positive, like robots providing 1 support per turn, while others can be negative, like penalties for trading with Earth.

The game will track how many weeks in a row you have beaten the weekly challenge, and on which difficulty.

Multiple save slots

As requested by many players, we are also working on adding multiple save slots! You will now be able to play multiple games at once, and start a new game while still being able to continue the old one. This will also allow you to keep games that you are proud of, and revisit those at later times or keep around to show to others.

These features are planned for the next big update, which will be the 1.0 release! Keep an eye out for our future devlogs to see the other features and content that will also be included in the full release of the game, for example cities on the moons of Mars.

We wish you a good new turn around the sun! After landing our asteroid lab on Earth the past week for a small game-dev break and to visit friends and family, we’re now back in orbit!

Terraformers’ Team

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