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Terraformers is a strategic simulation game with role playing elements about colonizing and Terraforming Mars. Take charge of settling humanity on Mars. Found colonies, make them thrive and lead exciting projects that make the planet more "Earth-like": a process called Terraforming which is simulated in a realistic manner. Will you start a volcano to heat the planet, or melt the ice in order to create vast seas? Be aware though, the Earth's factions financing your endeavors have a lot of expectations which might conflict with your colonies' needs. What will you do to colonize Mars?


Terraformers has been in development since March 2019.


  • Player vs Environment - there are no direct opponents but lots of challenges to face in the harsh environment of Mars.
  • Colony building on a planetary scale - Start with founding one colony, then expand across the whole planet.
  • Strategic game - Exploit local resources and make optimal use of terrain features, strategically place your cities and projects, handle conflicting requests from your colonists and your financers from Earth, adapt to ever-changing challenges.
  • Roleplay elements - Actions are taken through a group of colonist characters with their own personalities and desires, which will be influenced by your decisions.
  • Simulation - The atmosphere and ecosystem of the planet is realistically modelled, so that the terraforming process will show realistic results and parallels may be drawn with the current situation on Earth.


Early Trailer (Sept. 2019) YouTube

Terraformers Game Pitch YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • ""In Terraformers, playing and experimenting with Mars' atmosphere enables us to understand better what happens on Earth.""
    - Claude Nicolier,

About Asteroid Lab

Asteroid Lab is a Swiss based independent game studio. It strives to make strategic but accessible games, that provide the player with insights in real-world topics.

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Terraformers Credits

Alexis Giard
Co-Founder, Developer

S├ębastien de Graffenried
Co-Founder, Developer

Jasper Damman
Co-Founder, Game Designer

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